Many industrial distributors offer benefits and other perks like flexible hours and travel.

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Discover Where a Career in Industrial Distribution Can Take You!

There are lots of opportunities within the field of industrial distribution—the sky is the limit.  

Everybody's work history is unique. One job often leads to another with more responsibility, a bigger paycheck and other benefits. Here's how some people in industrial distribution got where they are...


Jason Allen, Coast Southwest, Inc. - "I am always learning about new technology and seeing how products work..." Discover Jason's career path.

Robert Cifaldi, Campbell Fittings - "Each day comes with new opportunities to solve problems and make industry jobs safer and more efficient." Discover Robert's career path.

Don Garner, Nashville Rubber & Gasket - "I have been in a lot of jobs that are not as exciting as this job. I never get bored." Discover Don's career path.
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Photo courtesy of Apex Industrial Automation, Montgomery, Ill.

Real Stories

"Best part of the job is interacting with customers and helping them out."

Bart Y.,  The Rowland Company
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