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What Benefits Are Offered?

Every company is different, but in general, most industrial distribution companies offer benefits for employees in addition to fair compensation and steady jobs.

According to the 2016 Cross-Industry Compensation Report which surveyed over 900 industrial distribution firms with over 6,000 U.S. locations:

  • Employee turnover was low (just 15%) indicating people like their jobs and tend to stay
  • 94% of industrial distribution firms offer employee bonuses
  • 98% offer medical benefits
  • 88% offer dental benefits
  • 95% of typical industrial distributors offer retirement plans
  • 46% of firms offer some paid time off programs (vacations, sick days, jury/military duty, etc.)

According to the 2016 Cross Industry Compensation Report, 48% offer educational assistance (reimbursement) to help employees develop to their fullest potential.

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Photo courtesy of Apex Industrial Automation, Montgomery, Ill.

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