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Who Are the Customers of Industrial Distributors?

If you’d like to work with brand name companies, then industrial distribution could be the industry you’re looking for.

Business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies are customers of industrial distributors. They rely on industrial distributors to keep their business running and to help them do a better job of making their products cheaper and faster. From the vice president of operations at a huge manufacturer with plants around the world to the local guy who’s the president, purchasing agent and bill payer all rolled into one, the customer base for industrial distribution offers you the opportunity to make connections and solve problems for an unlimited variety of companies.

What type of companies might you work with?
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Every manufacturing company in the world can be a customer of industrial distribution.

Recognize any of these names?

Real Stories

"It’s the perfect industry if you enjoy doing different things every day."

Jeff C.,  IBT, Inc.
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