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Elements of Industrial Distribution

Stand out from the other job candidates. Take Elements of Industrial Distribution and showcase your knowledge of the industry!

Developed by ICP, Elements of Industrial Distribution Online provides
  • a comprehensive overview of the industrial distribution business model
  • the role of distributors in the supply chain
  • the relationships between distributors, suppliers and end users
Check out two lessons from the course.

The curriculum is used by companies looking to train employees or interns on the ins-and-outs of industrial distribution and by colleges as the textbook for their introductory distribution classes.  The course is also available in a print version.

But you can take it on your own to get a jump on your competition for great jobs in the industrial distribution industry and really impress your next job interviewer.
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Knowledge is power! Take ICP’s Elements of Industrial Distribution online class (also NOW available in print) to show your knowledge in your next job interview.

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