Talking 'Bout My Generation: Millennials

"Millennials feel this way..." "Millennials think this way..." "Millennials want..." Do you hear these statements often? I myself am a Millennial in the workforce and I am here to [hopefully] shed some light on some of these common questions and assumptions about my generation. Since I do not directly work in the distribution industry myself, I asked other Millennials who do work in the industry some questions about their jobs and employers. Of course, there is no way I, or my cohorts interviewed for this story, can speak on behalf of an entire generation of 80 million people, but hearing it from "actual" Millennials, instead of people who have studied/observed Millennials, might be a breath of fresh air!


Millennials are under a microscope, more now than ever. Why? Because we are quickly becoming a large portion of the workforce. By the year 2020, Millennials are expected to comprise over 50 percent of the entire workforce and by 2030 Millennials will outnumber Baby Boomers by 22 million. Therefore, the folks that comprise the generations currently employed in the industrial distribution industry are wracking their brains and zoning in on Millennial behaviors in order to be prepared for this imminent day. Employers will need to understand these mysterious Millennials in order to effectively recruit, hire, onboard, manage, work alongside and quite possibly even work for a member[s] of this generation. 

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Nominate her for the Wendy B. McDonald Award, established to honor one of the power transmission/motion control industry's true pioneers.  The award acknowledges a woman who has established herself as a critical contributor to her company's success and has affected positive change within the power transmission/motion control industry.


When merited, the Wendy B. McDonald Award will be presented annually during the PTDA Industry Summit. Nominations are now being accepted through May 31, 2015, and will be judged by the following criteria:

  •     Nominees must be female and employed by a PTDA member company within the calendar year for which the nomination is being made. There are no criteria with respect to title, position in company or years of experience.
  •     Nominees must exemplify leadership and integrity in all business relationships.
  •    Although all nominees are considered, those employed by Canadian companies or distributors receive extra consideration.


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Article3ICP Staff Attends SkillsUSA Texas 

ICP staff, Mary Jawgiel attended the Texas Skills USA competition in Corpus Christi, Texas on March 26 & 27.  This year's event had xxx attendees and yyy competitions. She talked with many students and administrators about the great opportunities available in the field of industrial distribution. It is always exciting to inform people of the endless career opportunities that are available within the industry- with or without a college degree.


ICP has started the year off with all around unique events. Each career fair we have attended gave those who attended a different experience from events in the past. Here are some of the highlights from each event:

  • George Brown College career fair in Ontario, Canada- This was Rich Morrison's, from Triumph Tool, Ltd., first event and he not only gathered resumes, but gave some on the spot interviews. At the end of their interview process, Triumph now has a new employee for an internal sales position. Congratulations!
  • Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades- Tom Tesoro attended this event. After attending and helping ICP with many past events, he said this was one of the best career fairs he has attended. It seems as if every year it gets better. He even got to meet Mr. Watson, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and alum of the school- class of 1948.
  • Burnsville High School- We had two new ambassadors attend this career fair which included a live webstream of the event. Each ambassador was also interviewed on why and how they got involved in industrial distribution.


Now it's your turn to get involved! There are many great events throughout the year to participate in. ICP will help you find events, make connections and send you all the materials you need. Just email to let us know of your interest- whether it be a tour of your facility, a presentation or attendance at a career fair. You never know what the surprises will be at these events, from the people you will meet to the technology offered at the events to make them even more influential, reaching even larger crowds of people. 


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