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Meet Lucas, the newest employee at Triumph Tool Ltd. in Ontario, Canada. Curious how he snagged his new job? Well, he attended the George Brown College career fair where he met Rich Morrison, the Sales Manager at Triumph Tool, who was volunteering at the Industrial Careers Pathway booth that day.


"I was asked to attend the GBC Career Fair on behalf of ICP as a last minute substitute, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. I ended up speaking to about 50 kids throughout the day, three were potential candidates, but Lucas stood out from the pack," said Rich.


Lucas has been employed by Triumph Tool for over two months now. "I would recommend attending career fairs to both students and companies looking to hire skilled new workers. Thanks to George Brown, Triumph Tool Ltd. and Industrial Careers Pathway, I am now well on my way to a more fulfilling and exciting career," Lucas added.


Interested in attending a career fair near you? Contact ICP and we will not only help you locate one, but we will send you all of the things you need to set up a booth and attract potential job candidates. 

Millennials were interviewed in a recent article by Sabrina Son where 

they answered a simple question: What would be on your workplace wish list? 

In 2015, over 43 percent of Millennials will be looking for a new job, so it might be wise for hopeful employers to consider these three wishes when preparing to manage new employees. Millennials wish to:

  • control their own work schedule
  • have fun in the office and be on call at home 
  • have a boss who communicates openly and honestly 
Action Step:
Allow your employees to be their own manager sometimes. Trust them to make responsible decisions about things like their work hours. 

This article is from an ICP Talent Tipsheet blast. The purpose of the Talent Tipsheet is to provide you with a brief summary of an article about retaining, recruiting, onboarding or managing Millennials followed by a simple "Action Step" that can help you implement the ideas into your own office procedures. Subscribe or read more Talent Tipsheet articles.
Article3Use ICP Social Media to Recruit Future Employees

You may have noticed that ICP has been popping up all over social media! We now have very active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We are using these platforms to attract your future employees. Social media is where Millennials hang out, so we have been hanging out with them! 


What does this mean to you? Well, we want you to know these are great places to direct anyone who could be a potential job candidate or simply wants to know more about our industry. Save the links to our pages and encourage your co-workers to do the same. The more we raise awareness of our incredibly rewarding industry, the more skilled workers we can attract.

ICP finds value in traveling around North America to personally connect with the up-and-coming generations in hopes of raising awareness of the industrial distribution field. Because of these efforts over the last six months, ICP has had a volunteer representative at over 14 different local career fairs and/or classroom presentations and tours, reaching over 2,000 students. 

Pictured at right is the ICP booth at SkillsUSA on June 23-25 in Louisville, Kentucky. Stacy Breland, Plumbers Supply, volunteered to staff the booth, connecting with many possible future job candidates. "If anybody thinks the youth of today is no good, they need to come to something like this. These young people are ready to work and take on leadership roles in the future," Stacy said during her time at SkillsUSA.


ICP program Director Mary Jawgiel also attended the American School Counselor Association meeting in Phoenix last week, where she talked with hundreds of school guidance counselors about the field of industrial distribution.  Most of them are eager to get an industrial distributor to tell their students all about this incredibly rewarding field. 

If this article has sparked your interest in volunteering at a career fair near you, simply contact ICP. We have the resources to help you find a valuable event, plus we will send you all of the things you need to set up a booth and attract potential job candidates.

We want to thank the following contributors who have pledged from March 21 through June 30, 2015. ICP can only carry out its mission of raising awareness of the incredibly rewarding careers in industrial distribution with your support. Each contribution is important, no matter what amount. You can pledge your support for 2015 by submitting the 2015 pledge form.


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