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Interested in going back to high school? Well, not as a student, but maybe as an Ambassador for industrial distribution and ICP? Giving a classroom presentation provides you with the unique opportunity to directly connect with students who could become future employees of your company. By simply speaking to a group of students in a classroom, you can raise awareness, generate interest and create excitement about the opportunities available within industrial distribution. How does this directly affect you? When awareness is raised, the industry becomes more appealing to everyone and students are more likely to consider working for companies like yours. Classroom presentations are short, informal volunteer experiences, giving you the opportunity to connect and network with local educators, schools and potential employees. Plus, volunteering just got so much easier with ICP's latest How-to-Guide: "Giving a Classroom Presentation" now available to walk you through the entire process.
MrsMacDoes Your Workforce Look Like You?
Take a look around your office. Do the majority of the people working with you look like you? Are they the same or pretty similar to you in age, gender, educational attainment, ethnicity, personality type, etc.? If you answered yes, you and your hiring team could be exhibiting unconscious bias in your hiring efforts. Humans are predisposed to look for traits we ourselves have when we take a measure of others. Possibly it is because we consider ourselves to have high potential and to be high performers, so we look at others who resemble us and assume they also have the same character traits. Possibly it is some deep-seeded need to belong to a tribe or clan where we feel safe. These deep human emotions, or implicit biases, can lead us to unconsciously believe that individuals who don't resemble us may not have the same high potential or possess the same ability to be a top performer.

 article4And, the Survey Says ...
In 2014, ICP conducted an online survey to measure awareness of industrial distribution among 16-24 year olds. We found 15 percent of those responding stated they had heard of industrial distribution. After reading a two paragraph explanation of the field, 61 percent said they found industrial distribution very or somewhat appealing as a career option. ICP again surveyed 16-24 year-olds in November 2016 and found 16 percent had heard of industrial distribution and 69 percent found it appealing. We also learned that industrial distribution has what these younger potential employees want. You can use these findings to explain to your potential new hires how industrial distribution is the incredibly rewarding career they are dreaming of.
We want to thank the contributors who have pledged from January 1, 2017, through March 31, 2017. ICP can only carry out its mission of raising awareness of the incredibly rewarding careers in industrial distribution with your support. Each contribution is important, no matter what amount. You can pledge your support for 2017 by downloading and submitting the 2017 pledge form.

Investor Contributors ($10,000 - $14,999)
American Supply Association+
HARDI-Heating Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International+

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Gates Corporation
Jason Industrial Inc. - A Megadyne Group Co.
NAHAD-The Association for Hose & Accessories Distribution+
National Association of Chemical Distributors+
NIBA-The Belting Association+
North American Building Material Distribution Association+
The Timken Company

Benefactor Contributor ($2,500 - $4,999)
AMI Bearings, Inc.
Kaman Industrial Technologies Corporation
Koyo Bearings North America, LLC
Nidec Motor Corporation/U.S. Motors
NTN Bearing Corp. of America
Leadership Contributors ($1,000 - $2,499)
B & D Industrial
DXP Enterprises, Inc.
James T. Moore, II*
Nachi Canada Inc.
NTN Bearing Corp. of Canada Ltd.
Purvis Industries, Ltd.
Timken Canada LP
Transmission Supplies Ltd.
Sponsor Contributors ($500 - $999)
Belden Universal
iwis Drive Systems, LLC
MDM Analytics/Modern Distribution Management

Colleague Contributors ($250 - $499)
Accurate Bushing Smith Bearing
Adam-Hill Co.(in memory of Patricia Forbush)
Bearing Distributors, Inc.
Dichtomatik Americas
C. Houwman*
Interlynx Systems
Bill Moore*
Ringspann Corporation
Warren Pike Assoc. Div. J. G. Industries Inc.

Associate Contributors (Up to $249)
Roger & Patricia Pennycook* 
*Heritage Society leader gift 
+ICP Alliance Partner 
Thank you to those who have pledged, providing us with the fuel to reach out and encourage your future employees. For those of you who haven't pledged just yet, it is not too late for you to help us raise awareness of this significant industry.

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