Have you met Team ID yet? They're here to help recruit candidates for your open positions: meet IndustriGirl, DistribuDude, Solutia and Justin Time and watch them save the day in industrial distribution. Team ID also has a fun, short quiz to help your potential employee compare their personality to the superhero they are most like. Going a step farther, the quiz-taker is then connected to an industrial distribution job that would be a good fit. Check it out for yourself and then share! Make these resources designed specifically to attract Generations Y and Z to jobs in industrial distribution available on your websites, social medias and career fairs. Learn more about connecting with tomorrow's employees.
Next time you are pondering, "How am I going to find the talent I need to grow my company?" and banging your head against a wall looking for ideas, think of three little letters: ICP. Short for Industrial Careers Pathway®, ICP offers dozens of clever ideas and free or low-cost resources to assist industrial distributors in building the pipeline for your future workforce. Do you need help recruiting and hiring new entry-level talent? Looking for advice on how to best manage your existing young employees? Wondering how generation Y and Z employees can help take your company to the next level? Find out which ICP resources can specifically help you become a more successful employer. 

Continue reading this valuable article, written by Ginger Wheeler, Director, Marketing & Communications for Industrial Careers Pathway.
Article3On the Go: ICP Promotes ID Careers 
at SkillsCanada and SkillsUSA
ICP staff and volunteers talked with hundreds of students and dozens of teachers from all over North America at SkillsCanada and SkillsUSA events last month. The message: the incredibly rewarding field of industrial distribution. Feedback from students and educators was extremely positive, reported Mary Jawgiel, ICP Program Director, especially on the introduction of TEAM ID, the superhero video series and quiz. "We were able to entice hundreds of students to take the quiz and earn a free Team ID t-shirt," said Jawgiel.
ICP has received several requests from educators for industry representatives to come to classrooms, attend local career fairs and spread the news about careers available in industrial distribution. As the school year starts up again in September, watch your email for requests to help out and start developing your future work force!
Learn more about events ICP attended during the first half of 2016 on behalf of industrial distributors everywhere.
MrsMacInterns Could Be Your Next Superstars!
Hosting an internship can be an excellent way to discover and hire new talent for an industrial distributor. But finding an intern and making your internship known to potential "right-fit" individuals can pose a challenge. That's where ICP can help!
Check out the ICP "Find-an-Intern" directory which lists schools with programs in the field of industrial distribution and students looking for internships. You can search for schools in your area and find the contact person to help you find that intern you've been wanting!

On the flip side, the ICP "Find-an-Internship" directory helps students looking for an internship to find you. List your internship by sending an email to info@IndustrialCareersPathway.org with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company and website
  • City/State/Zip
  • Name, email and phone of person candidate should contact
We'll include your company on the "Find-an-Internship" directory so interested candidates can find you. 
WebinarICP Webinar: "Impress Your Future Workforce with a Company Tour"
Hosting a company tour for potential new hires isn't quite the 
same as taking your customers around your warehouse. During this ICP-sponsored webinar, Karmen Wilhelm, APR, VP Marketing, Van Meter Industrial, shares the secrets on how company tours for the community can result in recruiting top quality talent. Join Karmen on Friday, September 23 at 11:00 a.m. Central for this webinar-registration is free and open now!
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