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ICP Leadership

Under the guidance of the PTDA Foundation, the ICP Steering Committee was formed in 2008 to assist in the planning and development of the ICP initiative and to advise on program components. The work of the ICP Steering Committee is performed by task forces.  Each Alliance Partner has a staff member and an association member on the committee.

ICP Steering Committee Members
Ann Arnott, PTDA Foundation
Michael Battaglia, NIBA - The Belting Association
Terri Boyle, AccuPad, Inc., representing NIBA - The Belting Association
Lynne Bukovic, Harcros Chemical, Inc., representing NACD
Katherin Cooper, NACD
Rogers Earl, Jr., Valley Supply Company, representing ASA
Bill Erfort, ASA
Jon Hirsch, Auer Steel & Heating Supply Co., representing HARDI
Pamela Kan, Bishop Wisecarver Group, diversity representative
Sarah Kohler, NBMDA
Amy Luckado, NAHAD—The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution
Keith Nowak, MPT Drives, Inc., representing PTDA Foundaiotn
Bill Sauter, OHARCO, representing NBMDA
Emily Saving, HARDI
Curtis Sprague, Branham Corporation - Mt. Empire Rubber Co., representing NAHAD—The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution
Kim Wieland, ISA
Mary Jawgiel, ICP Program Director
Ginger Wheeler, PTDA Director Marketing & Communications

Millennial Advisory Council
The Millennial Advisory Council advises the ICP Steering Committee on their program efforts from the Millennial point of view.


Lindsey Gallik, Holmbury Inc., representing NAHAD - Chair
Marcus Mohan, IDG-Corp., representing ISA
Vincent Moulden, NAHAD - The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution
Claire Munch, Munch's Supply, representing HARDI
Sarah Musser, Bartlett Bearing Co., Inc., representing PTDA Foundation
Matt Steigerwald, American Pipe and Supply, representing ASA

Mary Jawgiel, ICP Program Director
Amber Siple, PTDA Marketing Specialist

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2015 ICP RETREAT PARTICIPANTS at the University of Colorado Denver Business School.

Resources For Educators

Industrial Distribution Sales and Customer Service Learning Objectives Matrix
What skills and abilities will my students need to find a job in industrial distribution?

Elements of Industrial Distribution Online Course
A three credit hour, four module online course covering the fundamentals of industrial distribution.

Industrial Distribution Employer Database
Connect your students with local industrial distributors for possible internships or informational interviews.

Resources For Parents

What is Industrial Distribution?
Industrial distributors provide products and solutions to manufacturers and other companies.  Learn more about the industry and the rewarding careers available to young adults.

ICP Job Board
Industrial distributors are hiring! Check out the current jobs available and encourage young adults to post their resumes.

What's the Outlook for Industrial Distribution Careers?
Hundreds of thousands of new jobs will be created in industrial distribution in the next five years.

Alliance Partners

  • ASA
  • ISA
  • NAED
  • NIBA
  • PTDA