What’s In It For Me?

You’re looking for a job that pays, right? 

While salaries in the field of power transmission/motion control vary based on experience and education, compensation is competitive with other industries. On average, you’ll make more than retail salespeople, firefighters, insurance agents or auto service techs. Salaries in industrial distribution are well above the median of many other occupations.

The power transmission/motion control area of industrial distribution allows you to design a career path to suit your interests and skills – and make as much money as you want!  It all depends on your training and ambition.

But before you can run the company, you have to get started. Post your resume today and find the job of your dreams.

What Benefits Are Offered?

Every company is different, but in general, most industrial distribution companies offer benefits for employees in addition to fair compensation and steady jobs.

According to the 2012 Cross-Industry Compensation Report which surveyed over 1,100 industrial distribution firms with over 8,000 U.S. locations:

  • Employee turnover was low (just 12%) indicating people like their jobs and tend to stay

  • 90% of industrial distribution firms offer employee bonuses

  • 98% offer medical benefits

  • 83% offer dental benefits

  • 93% of typical industrial distributors offer retirement plans

  • 58% of firms offer some paid time off programs (vacations, sick days, jury/military duty, etc.)

According to the McGladrey/NAW 2012 Distribution Monitor Report , 68% of distributors offer internal training/skills-development programs and, according to the 2012 Cross Industry Compensation Report, 42% offer educational assistance (reimbursement) to help employees develop to their fullest potential.

As you climb the corporate ladder, travel and other perks (cars and cell phones being among them) become more commonplace when you work for an industrial distributor. According to the McGladrey/NAW report, 72% of distributors are using social media and fully 66% of organizations said their biggest capital expenditures within the next twelve months will be in information technology, presenting a big opportunity for young people in the sector.

Be sure to polish your resume to get in on the ground floor of all this growth. Be visible now in this red hot industry at jobs.idcareers.org.