What Products Are Sold through Distribution?

There is no limit to the types of products industrial distributors supply to their industrial customers.

Industrial distributors, especially those in the power transmission/motion control field, work with all kinds of products including:
  • Conveyor systems for factory assembly lines
  • Chains, belts, bearings and gears to keep conveyor systems running smoothly
  • Hose, hydraulics and accessories
  • Pulleys and motors
As a vital link in the supply chain, industrial distributors supply thousands of products and provide solutions to a wide range of companies.

Industrial parts are used in every aspect of industry:
  • For natural resource extraction and processing in agriculture, forestry, petroleum and mining.
  • To process and package food and beverages.
  • As components in equipment manufactured for businesses and consumers (OEM).
  • To maintain and repair machinery used in production processes (MRO).
  • In commercial and residential construction and facilities maintenance.
  • At public utilities and in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
All of this equipment may be sold to the manufacturer by industrial distributors. Industrial distributors need to understand the manufacturing process so they can recommend equipment, components and systems that speed up the process, drive down the costs and help the manufacturer be more profitable.