What Is Power Transmission/Motion Control?

Power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) encompasses a broad variety of mechanical, electrical and fluid-driven equipment such as bearings, belts, drives, motors, gears, couplings, clutches and brakes, linear motion, and hydraulics and pneumatics.

PT/MC products are found in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, in production processes—anywhere there is movement, you’ll find PT/MC products. PT/MC distributors supply industry (manufacturers, processors, government) with needed products to operate businesses.

PT/MC distribution companies provide products, parts, related services and solutions to industrial users primarily in one of two categories:
•    Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) of their production facilities, or
•    Manufacture of equipment, machinery, goods and products (OEM = original equipment manufacturer).

Read this article which ran in USA Today, Sept. 30, 2016.

Watch this video  for a quick explanation of OEM and MRO

There are more than 81,500 industrial distribution companies in the U.S. and Canada. Ranging in size from small local businesses to large global enterprises, power transmission/motion control distributors serve many industrial customers. They may cover a broad geographic area and offer thousands of products. Or they may have a limited number of major customers, serve a limited geographic area or be the expert supplier of a specific product line.

Industrial distribution goes on everywhere, all the time. Wherever you live, there are industrial distributors offering parts, products and solutions to industrial users. Search this database of employers to see the power transmission/motion control distributors in your area (simply input your zip code in the search box).

These companies help their vendors/suppliers (i.e., manufacturers of industrial products) get their products into the hands of industrial customers who are always working to keep their businesses productive and profitable. These customers look to industrial distribution companies to solve production issues and to make their companies more efficient.

Industrial distribution companies are continually innovating, offering new services and new value to their industrial suppliers and customers.

Whether it is...
  • Installing complex equipment
  • Delivering needed equipment
  • Connecting with global suppliers and global markets
  • Offering cost-effective fabrication, customization, engineering or assembly capabilities
  • Having the skilled and experienced professionals able to assist in finding the right solutions for today's technologically advanced production systems,
...ID companies are innovators. Join them, and you can be too.

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