Skills to Get a Great Job in Power Transmission/Motion Control

Landing a great job in power transmission/motion control can deliver a great future in a steady, growing industry where you can really develop as a business professional.

But before you can snag that great job, you need to showcase your skills or develop the skills you'll need to get hired in the first place. It's useful to have:
  • a basic comfort level with technology
  • an interest in how things work
  • good communication skills to build relationships
  • a desire to help industrial customers make their businesses productive and profitable
No single set of skills or interests lead to success in power transmission/motion control. In some positions, the skills required are similar to those in many employment sectors (math for those in accounting and finance, management for those running the business, "people" skills for sales pros, etc.).

Remember, when your skills are ready for showcasing, post your resume to the Job Board and land that great job in industrial distribution.